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Pet Ophthalmic
Surgical Services

Experience exceptional ophthalmic care at State Road Animal Hospital. Our expert team performs third eyelid imbrications, entropion repair, and enucleation surgeries, restoring vision and improving your pet’s quality of life.

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Pet Ophthalmic Surgical Services

At State Road Animal Hospital, where compassion and knowledge are combined to keep the health of your cherished animal friends as our top priority. Our renowned veterinary clinic is tucked away in the center of Elkin, NC, and is committed to offering top-notch ophthalmic surgical services.

Our knowledgeable veterinary doctors are experts in various cutting-edge ophthalmic treatments, such as enucleation, entropion repair, and third eyelid imbrication. We work to restore vision and improve pets’ lives using great attention to detail and advanced procedures, enabling your pets to rediscover the world through improved vision.

Restoring Sight, Rekindling Joy

The strong relationship you have with your furry family members is significant. It’s incredible to see the happiness in your pet’s eyes as they greet you and their faith in your care. At State Road Animal Hospital, our veterinary team works hard to maintain and strengthen that bond by offering compassionate, innovative treatment to which pets and pet owners can relate.

Embracing Your Pets’ Well-Being

We provide a wide range of veterinary services, from wellness checks and immunizations to dental care and internal medicine, in addition to our ophthalmology surgical services. Your pets will receive the best treatment possible catered to their particular needs, thanks to our cutting-edge facility and compassionate veterinary staff.